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WDialog is an advanced system to create dialog-centric web applications.

Feature list:

  • Separation of the user interface (UI) definition from the backend program, improving the structure of the application and enabling advanced software engineering processes
  • The UI definition is contained in an XML file, and it describes the whole UI from the overall dialog structure to the style of the individual HTML element
  • The dialogs have built-in persistency for session state. The HTML form elements can be tied to dialog variables reflecting their current state
  • A powerful template system manages the combination of individual HTML fragments to whole pages
  • The dialogs behave like GUI widgets. They visualize the state of the session, and user clicks are treated like events that are handled by programmable callback methods
  • The callbacks are written in a real programming language (Objective Caml, or Perl), making it possible to formulate all algorithms and to use all system resources
  • The application can run as CGI as well as application server
  • The WDialog toolkit itself does not require any database as backend store
  • WDialog preprocesses all web inputs, and ensures that minimum security standards are fulfilled