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Examples included in the source tarball

The distributed sources include some examples:

  • adder: The adder as described in the previous section

  • adder-jserv: Another version of the adder that uses the JSERV connector instead of CGI

  • list-ml: Displays directories of the file system. Introduces into the usage of templates and associative variables. This program is also an example of internationalization.

  • list-alt-ml: An alternate solution of the directory browser.

  • list-dbm-ml: Another variant (derived from list-alt-ml) that stores sessions into databases.

  • list-dbm-popup-ml: Another variant (derived from list-dbm-ml) that demonstrates popup windows.

The examples can be found in the directory code/examples.

A complete application: WTimer

As a real-life demonstration I have written a complete application for WDialog: WTimer allows the user to edit time sheets that are stored in databases. The application is complete, and proves that a real-life application can actually be developed.

WTimer is not a simple program, but I think it is well-structured, and you can immediately understand which module implements which feature. The code is sometimes tricky, however, as complicated user interactions must be processed. So I think it is not a good idea to read this example as the first one, but it serves as an illustration how to combine the elementary features of WDialog to get non-trivial effects.

You can find more information about WTimer on the project page.