README - WDialog

README - WDialog

About WDialog

WDialog is a system to make dialog-centric web applications. It imitates the behaviour of widgets found in GUIs, but acts in a HTML/HTTP environment. There is a UI language (XML), but callbacks are coded in a normal programming language (O'Caml, Perl).

WDialog is written in the programming language Objective Caml. For people who do not want to learn another language, there are also Perl bindings providing 90 per cent of the whole functionality.

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Who developed WDialog

WDialog has mainly been developed by Gerd Stolpmann as employee of Joachim Schrod NPC GmbH. It has been used in several commercial projects, but Joachim Schrod NPC GmbH is a consulting firm and not interested in selling it as a product. So we have decided to make it available for everybody under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.

Well, this is the official story. Of course, I am very grateful that Joachim lets me publish it, although the development costs were not negligible. Joachim is convinced of the idea of free software, and sees the WDialog project as a possibility to give the community something back. Last but not least, this is also a way to motivate me and to escape from the daily work.

By the way, we would appreciate it that developers help us to improve WDialog.

License conditions

WDialog is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Copyright holders are Joachim Schrod NPC GmbH and Gerd Stolpmann.

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